• Harness your 3D Printing Production Data

    TRACE enables users to streamline project management and documentation processes at all stages of the 3D Printing workflow. Developed by experts with decades of additive manufacturing experience, this powerful tool provides companies with a comprehensive view of their 3D Printing programs, including utilization of machines, tracking against relevant industry standards, material selection and batch number, and post processing. It's the easy-to-use tool that every commercial 3D Printing user needs to ensure part traceability and quality management.

  • The Benefits of TRACE


    Track Your Qualification Process

    TRACE helps your team organize your production process into an easy-to-follow structure. The tool tracks every step of the process, including design, materials, printing, post-processing and inspection. TRACE is constantly updated to incorporate industry-recognized standards, serving as another check to ensure your team adheres to best practices and shortening the time it takes to qualify parts and vendors.


    Manage Your


    The tool is specifically designed to enable efficient and targeted communication among your production team members at each phase of the manufacturing process. Real-time updates can help identify downstream issues before money is wasted on materials, machine resources or employee time, and TRACE builds accountability into each step of the process.


    Easy Reporting and


    TRACE makes it easy for you to compile all of the data that you're tracking into simple, professional reports with the click of one button. This information can help streamline the traceability of your parts at every stage of the lifecycle, making it easy to identify issues, track part inventory and meet reporting demands for any end-users of your 3D Printed parts.

  • The Expertise Behind TRACE

    Mike Vasquez, PhD

    CEO and Founder

    Mike is a 3D Printing expert and is a trusted advisor to some of the top companies in the industry. He has worked side-by-side with machine manufacturers, material producers and end users in the sector. Through his consulting firm 3Degrees, Mike helps clients identify novel applications, test new materials and develop frameworks to maximize manufacturing efficiency and boost ROI. He completed his PhD in Additive Manufacturing at Loughborough University and received both his bachelors and master's degrees from MIT in Materials Science and Engineering.

  • Pilot Sites

    We're working with users in a variety of industries to help refine the tool before we launch it globally. Interested in being an early user?

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    As experts in the 3D Printing space, we've advised clients from Fortune 500 companies to small manufacturing firms. Through our work, it has become clear that 3D Printing users need a sophisticated, robust tracking system that reflects current industry standards and best practices, enabling users to efficiently catalogue their entire 3D Printing lifecycle from initial part design through post-processing. As parts, especially production parts, enter the marketplace, we know users will need to access that information easily for years to come. Think of being able to know exactly when and with what batch of material a hip joint was printed with, or being able to access a complete history of a jet engine part or quickly find the CAD file for a critical part that you can print on-demand.  


    That's why we created TRACE.


    We recognize that there are a wide variety of use cases for 3D Printing and know that to be effective TRACE will need to fit each scenario, compiling the right data and reflecting relevant standards and best practices. Given the importance of the data being tracked, we have invited a select number of users -- including an industrial metals manufacturer, a leading university, a national consortium and a global manufacturing company -- to test TRACE and give us feedback to ensure we've built an industry-leading tool that solves today's challenges and anticipates the next steps in the evolution of 3D Printing.


    We’d welcome the chance to talk about your needs in tracking your 3D Printing workflow and how a customized or off-the shelf version of TRACE could add value to your 3D Printing strategy.

  • Webinars

    Learn more about TRACE

    TRACE Introductory Webinar

    Managing your technical Additive Manufacturing data can be challenging, especially when you're required to follow an ever evolving list of manufacturing standards and specifications. We developed TRACE to help streamline that process. This webinar will showcase some of the basic functionality of the tool and how it might fit into your manufacturing ecosystem.

    Using TRACE to Qualify your AM Materials and Processes

    One of the biggest challenges that we see as companies are making the jump from prototyping to production is ensuring that their processes and materials are qualified. This entails a lot of hard work to first identify what variables are critical as well as making sure you have an easy way to review that data. This webinar discusses how TRACE can help you walk through that process.

  • Press Release

    CHICAGO, IL, March 12, 2019 – 3Degrees, LLC, a leading 3D Printing consultancy, is excited to announce the development of TRACE, a world-class software tool designed to solve one of the biggest challenges facing 3D Printing users: how to track, warehouse and validate key information about each item they print.